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A curious new start-up studio dedicated to uncanny interactive experiences

Tangentlemen is an unholy team of esoteric game developers on an odyssey to bring interactive dreamscapes from the ether into the illusion of physical reality.


Founded in the aftermath of a global evolution in the collective consciousness, the Tangentlemen have returned from their journeys in the land of AAA game development, to combine their experiences into a powerful ancient brew of experiential game design.

here they lie

We’re thrilled to finally announce Here They Lie, a surreal horror game built for the PlayStation 4 and enhanced by the unique functionality of PlayStation VR. We’re working in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica to bring this dark psychological horror experience to the masses this fall. Here They Lie’s psychological nature and focus on narrative potency create a mind-bending, first-person experience intended to take root in your psyche and fester long after its conclusion. The strange, yet recognizable nature of the world “creates an overall sense of uncertainty and fear in indirect ways rather than lazily signposting the emotions with piles of rotting bodies or a few jump scares,” according to Engadget’s E3 preview.

surreal, psychological, existential horror